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July 13th, 2012
01:09 PM ET

The rich vs. the rest

By Christine Romans

On Your Bottom Line this weekend we try to decide just what is rich in America and what is fair.

The president says $250,000 is rich and they don’t pay their fair share. Conservatives say this president has a bad case of class envy. Yes, they say, the richest 1% holds 36% of the nation’s wealth, but the top 1% also pays 37% of the nation's federal income taxes. True, liberals say, but they can afford to and they should since they made their fortune in this country.

Join us for some friendly class warfare. Will Cain (wearing cowboy boots) and Marc Lamont Hill (retro Stan Smiths) show off their shoes (and what they say about their tax brackets) and discuss whether America is a nation of haves-and-have-nots, or haves-and-soon-to-have-mores.

Quiz: How much do you have to earn to be considered the top 1% of earners in America? The answer is on Your Bottom Line Saturday at 9:30 am ET. Please join us.

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