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July 7th, 2012
09:24 AM ET

This week on Your Bottom Line

More than 2 million men and women have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now they’re looking for the next mission and we don’t have anything for them. In 2011 nearly 1 in 3 veterans aged 18-24 were out of work.

On this special edition of Your Bottom Line, we look at the challenges and triumphs of veterans transitioning from the battlefield to the office. Are companies doing all they can to hire veterans? We sent CNN’s Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr to Detroit to one of the biggest job fairs in the country for veterans.

Also: Between 2009 and 2011 the Department of Veteran Affairs paid out more than $4 billion for tuition and fees. For-profit schools raked in 37 percent of those funds but only educated 25 percent of veterans. How did the GI Bill, which helped expand the middle class in America by subsidizing veteran education, become a cash cow for for-profit schools raking in taxpayer dollars? We take a closer look.

Finally, a Florida farm started by an Iraqi vet who suffered form PTSD becomes a refuge for other vets with the same ailment to work the land and heal in the company of comrades.

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