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December 9th, 2011
12:51 PM ET

Trying to make the best of the economy?

The president this week essentially framed what will be the theme of his presidential campaign. The Middle Class has been falling behind. The opportunity for a child born poor to rise into the middle class is shrinking. The rich are not paying their fair share. The economy isn't working for everyone and his policies are meant the fix it. But, the president says, the intransigent Republicans in Congress are standing in the way.

Republicans say it is because of this president’s policies, not despite them, that many Americans feel worse off today then when he took office.

Let’s leave all that behind.

The question is, what gets done, if anything in the months until the election to fix the economy – both short term and long term, and what can YOU do in the absence of the leadership vacuum?

We’re eager to hear what the reality is for you – Americans who are working for less, looking for a job, striving in your small business, trying to make sense of the markets.

The only thing you can control right now, is how you handle your own money.

Should you refinance your mortgage? What’s the best way to translate a military resume to the civilian sector? What should I invest $1,000 in? Ali Velshi and I want to hear from you and personally answer some of your questions about finances.

Send us e-mails and tweets, and if you live in the Midwest, we’re answering questions – and giving away books! – on Changing Gears. Please check us out.

Are you starting over? Trying to make the best of things in this economy? Send us your questions. We’ll
answer them on the week of December 19th. If your question is selected, you’ll get a copy of ‘How to Speak Money.’

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